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15 System

k9 comes with a few system functions and measurement commands. The commands allow you to load a script, change the working directory, measure execution times and memory usage, and list defined variables.

\l a.k  load
\t:n x  timing
\v      variables

\f      files
\cd [d] cd

15.1 load ⇒ \l a.k

Load a text file of k9 commands. The file name must end in .k.

 \l func.k
\l func.k

\l func.k9  / will error as not .k

15.2 timing ⇒ \t x or \t:n x

List time elapsed in milliseconds in evaluting x. If n is supplied then repeat x, n times.

 \t ^(_10e6)? _1e8     / sort 10 million numbers

 \t:10 ^(_10e6)? _1e8  / perform 10 times the sort

15.3 variables ⇒ \v

List variables



15.4 files ⇒ \f

List files in current directory.


15.5 cd ⇒ \cd [d]

Change directory (cd) into d or print current directory.

 \cd "/Users/user123/"