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17 Errors

Given the terse syntax of k9 it likley won’t be a surprise to a new user that the error messages are rather short also. The errors are listed on the help page and described in more detail below.

error: class rank length type domain limit stack parse value

17.1 :class

Calling a function on mismatched types.


17.2 :rank

Calling a function with too many parameters.


17.3 :length

Operations on unequal length lists that require equal length.

 (1 2 3)+(4 5)

17.4 :type

Calling a function with an unsupported variable type.


17.5 :domain

Exhausted the number of input values

 -12?10   / only 10 unique value exist

17.6 :limit

Exceeded a limit above the software maximum, eg. writing a single file above 1GB.

 n:_100e6;d:+`x`y!(!n;n?1.);`d 2:d
n:_100e6;d:+`x`y!(!n;n?1.);`d 2:d


17.7 :nyi

Running code that is not yet implemented. This may come from running code in this document with a different version of k9.

2020.05.31 (c) shakti

 =+`a`b!(1 2;1 3)
a b| 
- -|-
1 1|0
2 3|1

Aug 6 2020 16GB (c) shakti

 =+`a`b!(1 2;1 3)
=+`a`b!(1 2;1 3)

17.8 :parse

Syntax is wrong. Possible you failed to match characters which must match, eg. (), {}, [], "".

 {37 . "hello"

17.9 :value

Undefined variable is used.

 g    / assuming 'g' has not be defining in this session

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