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21 Conclusion

I expect you are pleasantly surprised by the speed of k9 and by the fact that it all fits in 134,152 bytes! (For comparison the ls program weighs in at 51,888 bytes and can’t even change directory.)

If you’re frustrated by the syntax or terse errors, then you’re not alone. Many have had the same problems, but persevered, and finally came away a power user able to squeeze information from data faster than previously imagined.

Eventually, you’ll realize that this manual isn’t needed and it’s all here...

python: import k;k.k('2+3')
nodejs: require('k').k('2+3')

$k [-n4 -p1024] a.k

t:[[]t:09:30:00.000 09:30:00.001;e:"b";s:`aa`aa;v:2 3;p:2.3 3.4]
`csv?`csv t     /also `json?`json t
`lz4?`lz4 x     /also `zstd?`zstd x

verb                    adverb                 noun                    \l a.k
: x         y          f' each                 char " ab"              \t:n x
+ flip      plus    [x]f/ over      c/ join    name ``ab               \u:n x
- minus     minus   [x]f\ scan      c\ split   int  2 3                \v
* first     times   [y]f':eachprior            flt  2 3.4              \w
%           divide     f/:eachright g/:over    date 2021.06.28   .z.d  
& where     min/and    f\:eachleft  g\:scan    time 12:34:56.789 .z.t
| reverse   max/or     
< asc       less       i/o (*enterprise)       class
> desc      more       0: r/w line             list (2;3.4;`c)
= group     equal      1: r/w char             dict [n:`b;i:2]
~ not       match     *2: r/w data             func {[a;b]a+b}
! key       key       *3: k-ipc set            expr :a+b
, enlist    cat       *4: https get            
^ sort   [f]cut        5: ffi/import
# count  [f]take      
_ floor  [f]drop
$ string    parse      $[b;t;f] cond
? unique    find/rand                               
@ type   [f]at         @[x;i;f[;y]] amend      table [[]n:`b`c;i:2 3]
. value  [f]dot        .[x;i;f[;y]] dmend     utable  [[n:`b`c]i:2 3]

count first last min max sum avg var dev [med ..]
select A by B from T where C; update A from T; delete from T where C
sqrt sqr exp log sin cos div mod bar in bin

/comment \trace [:return 'signal if do while]

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